On behalf of our team and of our future patients in Ecuador and Guatemala – thank you for your interest in Operation Walk Canada

Operation Walk Canada carries out two missions each year, one to Ecuador in the spring and one to Guatemala in late October.

Teams usually include between 45 and 60 volunteers whose common goal is to help those who need the orthopaedic care we are able to provide. Mission organization and management is the responsibility of a core leadership group which plans all aspects of each trip such as team coordination, patient selection, equipment procurement and delivery, surgical procedures and patient rehabilitation.

We invite you to download the ‘Volunteer Guidebook’ and to complete ‘Volunteer Application’ form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a volunteer?
Please complete an online application here.

How much does it cost to participate in an Operation Walk Mission Trip?
All volunteers are expected to share in the cost of their expenses for the mission. The amount is determined after the mission budget is set and may vary from mission to mission. The cost does not typically exceed $1,250.00

When and how long are mission trips?
The Ecuador mission takes place in mid-April and the Guatemala mission in late October. Both last approximately one week.

How does Operation Walk Raise financial support for medical mission trips?
The Board of Directors works hard to secure private and corporate donations. All volunteers are asked to invite family, colleagues and friends to support their participation by making a donation to Operation Walk. All gifts are receipted in full and go directly to providing the surgeries.


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